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Welcome, Survivor! It's Time to Overcome!

Welcome to Overcoming 2 Become, our loving and supportive family!

how to heal from childhood trauma for survivors

We are overjoyed to welcome you into our compassionate community, where we stand together as survivors and supporters. Whether you have experienced childhood sexual abuse or seek support for a loved one, you have found a place where understanding hearts and virtual open arms are ready to embrace you.

At Overcoming 2 Become, we firmly believe in the power of hope and the strength of our community. We are united by our faith and the understanding that healing is not a solitary journey but one we embark upon together. Here, you will find a family that walks beside you, sharing in your triumphs, offering comfort during challenges, and reminding you of the unwavering support available.

Our nonprofit is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment where survivors find solace, support, and encouragement. We believe that your past does not define you; it is merely a chapter in your story. Together, we strive to create a space where you can reclaim your life, leaning on the love and understanding of our community, as well as the hope found in your faith.

Joining our weekly mental health newsletter means becoming part of a tight-knit family. Within its virtual pages, you'll discover inspiring stories, practical tools, and expert advice specifically crafted to help you navigate the healing process. It serves as a reminder that you are surrounded by kindred spirits, all united by a common goal of growth, resilience, and the pursuit of freedom from the past.

In addition to the newsletter, we warmly invite you to join our support group, a close-knit family within our larger community. Here, you'll find a circle of companions who truly understand the challenges you face. Sharing experiences, offering heartfelt support, and lifting each other up through prayers and encouragement, we create an unbreakable bond, reminding each other that we are not alone.

Remember, your voice is incredibly valuable to us. Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or simply to share your thoughts. Our dedicated team, along with our extended family, is here to listen, guide, and provide resources tailored to your unique needs.

Thank you for choosing Overcoming 2 Become as your haven of hope and family support. Together, we transform pain into strength, fear into courage, and darkness into the radiant light of our collective love and understanding.

With heartfelt love and unwavering support,

Your Overcoming 2 Become Family!


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