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Hope for Healing Gift Boxes

Whether you are just starting out on the journey to heal and overcome, or you have been on this road for years, we want to offer you a gift of hope, something that says, "You are not in this alone." That is why we have created the Hope for Healing Box full of items intended to bring you joy, comfort, and inspiration. If you would like to receive this gift of love from us to you, please click the link below to fill out your contact information, so we know where to send your box. We hope it brings as much joy to you receiving it as it does for us to be able to give it.

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Online Support Groups

Whether you are looking for an online support group and safe haven to be vulnerable, or you want to join the "journey to healing" online group course to continue your healing process, we have the supportive community for you. The general online support group is open year-round. Additionally, the paced online group course is offered quarterly. To find out about new class offerings, check our Facebook page here.


Overcoming Podcast

Emotional eating, depression, isolation, family exile. All these topics and more, and how they relate to the overcoming journey are discussed on the Overcoming podcast. Do you want to hear the latest podcast episode about the journey to overcome? Click the links below to connect to our podcast via spotify, apple podcast, and youtube. We would love for you to subscribe and be able to catch each new episode as they are released. We are sure this will be one more inspirational element on your journey to overcome the pain of your past as you continue to become who you were always meant to be.

Share Your Story

Do you have an Overcoming 2 Become story you would like to share with us? Click the contact button below to reach out for the opportunity to have your story featured on our blog or podcast.

Online Courses

Because we realize the benefit it is to have multiple tools in your arsenal as you journey to overcome, we wanted to offer a few courses to help you along the way. The courses have varying topics/focus points (self-esteem, finding purpose, dealing with depression and anxiety, learning to love yourself), but they are all tied into overcoming the things that hinder us from pressing forth with boldness, courage, and joy.

Donate a Box

Do you want to donate a Hope for Healing Box to someone who could use the encouragement? Click the link below to donate and know that your support will directly impact the joy to those who will receive a box of hope to help them on this journey to overcome.

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