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- To provide hope for healing to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse through education, empowerment, encouragement, and a supportive community.


- A world where sexual abuse survivors overcome shame, guilt, and traumatic life events in order to live freely and with purpose.

Goals for 2023

Are you wondering how your giving and partnership make an impact? These are some of our goals for the year. 

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Support Groups

We will host quarterly online study groups using a book that focuses on overcoming the impact of sexual abuse. Additionally, we will host bi-monthly webinars with licensed therapists.

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Hope for Healing Box

We will distribute 100 Hope for Healing boxes to women on the journey to healing from the effects of childhood sexual abuse.


Online Course for Personal Growth

We will offer online self-paced courses on topics such as self-esteem, emotional and mental healing, and finding purpose and peace at low or no cost to individuals.


Here at Overcoming 2 Become, it is not about achieving perfection. It's about community and support, courage, and the will to change. 

It's about overcoming all that life throws your way in order to become all that God created you to be.


  • All women deserve the opportunity to live life on purpose and with purpose.

  • Healing is possible, and a supportive community is needed.

  • It takes courage to heal, and we are ready to walk with you on your healing journey.

  • You are worthy of being healed.

  • You are worthy of experiencing love.

  • Overcoming 2 Become was created so that all women, no matter age, race, or any other factor, would have a safe haven to be vulnerable, find community, and heal without fear of judgment, retaliation, or negativity.


Our founder, Erica Young, had a burning passion to help others the way she wished she had been helped when she was in the early stages of healing from childhood sexual abuse. Moreover, she did not see or hear of many people who looked like her stepping forward to tell the stories of overcoming childhood sexual abuse. After years of building a strong support system, she wanted to give back and walk alongside others on the healing journey. She has been mentoring and encouraging women to heal for the last six years, and in 2022 decided it was time to make Overcoming 2 Become a global mission and see more women healed, whole, and living life on purpose and with purpose.

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Erica Young

 Founder and President

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Meet the team that plays an intricate role in making all the amazing successes possible.

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Joshua Young

Board Member

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April Adkins

Board Member

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