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How Sexual Trauma Support Groups Can Help You Heal

We’ve all heard it before. Whether you have just experienced a traumatic event or you are just recognizing your trauma from past sexual abuse, you’ve probably been told to join a support group. While we know that support groups are helpful, it can be difficult to place value on talking to strangers about your trauma.

How helpful are support groups? According to the Mayo Clinic, “Participating in a group provides you with an opportunity to be with people who are likely to have a common purpose and likely to understand one another.”

Your mom, teacher, or even your best friend can give support. However, if they haven’t experienced the same type of abuse you’ve witnessed, they may not be able to supply the level of support you actually need. There’s nothing like meeting and speaking with individuals who have also been through what’s happened to you.

Here are the major ways sexual trauma support groups can help you heal and get your life back!

Reassurance and Care

As stated by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, “Nationwide, 81% of women and 43% of men reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment and/or assault in their lifetime.” While those numbers are devastating, it also means there are many individuals out there needing support and also willing to provide support.

Here at Overcoming 2 Become, we are a sexual trauma nonprofit organization founded and operated by sexual abuse victims who are now overcomers. Having experienced this form of trauma ourselves, we are all about providing our community members the support they need to heal and get their lives back on track.

Resources and Advice

In addition to support, these groups are treasure chests of resources relevant to your sexual trauma. From quality therapists to helpful advice, you can look forward to receiving high-quality resources from individuals that have walked in your shoes.

Moreover, many group members testify that helping others was a guiding factor in their own healing. Providing valuable insights to assist others and contribute to a strong support system is, by far, a highly fulfilling aspect of joining support groups.

Community and Empowerment

Although it was a traumatic event that brought them together, many victims of sexual abuse forge unbreakable bonds with their fellow support group members. This sense of community can be highly empowering, as it allows you to join forces with people who understand and care about you.

Join Us at Overcoming 2 Become!

While it’s easy to discount support groups as just “sitting and talking”, the reality is that they are proven to be highly effective in promoting self-confidence and healing. By joining a support group, you can look forward to:

Benefits of Joining Sexual Trauma Support Groups:

● Receiving advice from those with first-hand experience

● Meeting like-minded individuals with valuable insights

● Gaining a heightened sense of empowerment

● A safe place to air your thoughts and feelings

● Life-long friendships and support

Here at Overcoming 2 Become, we are committed to helping you through this challenging and dark time. You aren’t alone, and you don’t have to go through this alone. Contact Us today for more information about how you can get involved and start your own journey to overcoming sexual trauma.


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